Egg McSpinach

You heard me.

I secretly love MickieD’s. I mean, I guess not that secretly. But the only things I really love there are the french fries and the apple pies. And the ice cream sundaes. They have really good ice cream sundaes!

And hashbrowns. Those hashbrown disks are pretty special.

You guys, who am I? Last week I was telling you all about eating an entire bag of jelly beans and now I’m raving about Mc-to-the-Donalds. What happened to all the kale and spinach and oatmeal and lentils of days gone by?

Never fear. I can shove spinach into just about every recipe.

Doesn’t that sound appetizing?

So, I made egg mc sandwiches. Fry up an egg. Toast up an English muffin. Melt some pepper jack cheese on your hot English muffin. Top with tomato slices that taste like nothing (cannot wait for summer!) and the ever present SPINACH.


Please note: this is absolutely nothing like an Egg McMuffin. There’s an egg. There’s a muffin. But the overall vibe is very different.

My egg was runny. This is something I generally disapprove of, and though I do think I’ll cook my eggs longer next time, the runniness was actually pretty palatable.

A very quick and easy meal! Almost as easy as the drive through…



Chocolate Milkshake with a Secret

I made a chocolate milkshake!

Kind of.

Guess what’s lurking in there? Hint: it’s healthy.

Did you guess?

Did you guess…spinach?

Yes. Spinach. For real. And it’s really good.

Really. It tastes like chocolate-y, banana-y, strawberry goodness.

With a side of invisible spinach.

Here’s what goes in:

  • 1 cup vanilla soymilk
  • 2 teaspoons sweetened cocoa powder
  • 5-7 frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 cup spinach + a little more

And here’s what goes on:

Blend all the ingredients together. In a blender. Or in a cup, using your hand blender.

We can all handle that, I think.

Now, I garnished my smoothie/milkshake/midday dessert with chocolate chips, but I don’t actually recommend this because the frozen strawberries make this very cold and the chips turn into rock hard little chunks of chocolate. Not my favorite. I don’t like chocolate chips or chunks in my ice cream either, for the same reason. If you’re mad about chocolate and aren’t afraid of busting a tooth, have at it with the chips. You could also top this with toasted coconut, sprinkles, granola, whatever sounds good. You could just drink it with a straw.

It’s slightly chocolate-y, but the flavors that really shine through are the strawberries and banana.

Not the spinach. You can’t even taste it.

Sneaky spinach.

Everybody Loves a Quesadilla

You know you love quesadillas. They’re so easy to make! So versatile! So cheesy!

Easy, cheesy.

Spinach, cheese, and bean quesadillas, coming right up!

First, I grated part of the giant block of cheddar that is leftover from when G’s family was here. They don’t eat as much cheese as anticipated.

Then I washed some spinach. They also don’t eat as much spinach as anticipated.

I really love spinach. It sounded SO good today! I must have needed something green.

Just an eensy bit of olive oil.

Heat it up and shrink that spinach!

Shrink, shrank, shrunk.

Then I hauled out my tortilla, flopped it on our nonstick pan and covered it with cheese, black beans, and my shrunken spinach. I put cheese on the bottom and the top of the other ingredients to act like glue. Then I flopped my other tortilla on top and squished them together.

Once the cheese melted and glued the tortillas together, I flipped the dilla to brown the other side. The whole darn thing took about 5 minutes or less. The beauty of a quesadilla.

Good lunch! And healthy too. Except for all that cheese.

Cool Salad, Hot Day

This is not a recipe. There is zero wisdom imparted in this post.

This is just lunch.

So, I told you I am in LA. LA is HOT right now. Really hot. Like 90 degrees hot.

Like a fool, I went running at noon. In the HEAT. It was HOT. I’m going to say HOT about five more times just to make the point of how hot hot hot hot it is here. Hotter than Hades.

Actually, I don’t think Greek mythology describes Hades as being a particularly hot place. Ignore me, my brain has been addled by the heat.

I kind of love this weather though. So sunshiney!

But when it’s hot like this, you’ve got to keep your cool. Start by drinking a mint julep. Then make a giant green salad.

Pre-packaged greens including arugula and spinach. Half of a sliced Granny Smith apple. A bunch of chopped cilantro. The juice of half a small lemon. A little drizzle of olive oil.

A giant glass of water.

Lunch for a hot day.

Or any day when you’re feeling the need for something green.

Eat your veggies.

I guess there is a little wisdom here today after all.