Snoqualmie Falls


It turned out to be a lovely weekend!

As reported previously, the weather was fine, the air crisp, the sky blue.

Time for an adventure outside the city!

After making the rounds at the Broadway Farmers Market this morning and coming home laden with squash, apples, broccoli, potatoes, and more, I stopped at Top Pot to get a pumpkin doughnut!


That’s not enough adventure for you?

Well it wasn’t for me either. They didn’t have any pumpkin doughnuts left. You have to get there at the crack of dawn on a weekend if you want one. I settled for a maple old-fashioned and an apple fritter. Still felt seasonal. Though they cannot be compared to the pumpkin doughnut. Those things are glorious.

Ok. Brought the doughnuts home. Fed them to G and his brother.

Then we filled up our water bottles, stopped for a snack break (!), and hopped in the car! Hippity hop!

First we went to Redmond and looked at Microsoft. Hey, Microsoft, what’s up? The office that G’s brother works in is nice. Green paint. Ping pong tables. Diet Coke. Giant spiral staircase.

And those are just the highlights!

Then we drove to the Snoqualmie Valley.

And went to Snoqualmie Falls.


It is pretty!

And huge!

What’s that construction equipment doing up there?

It kind of looks like I’m punching G in the side, doesn’t it?

I probably was. I punch a lot.

Nice! Waterfally!

Then we went to a park with a view. Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the park.

That’s Mount Si. Sigh.

Mountain and moon.

After our outdoor adventures we went to a wine tasting.

Can’t complain.