Happy Easter!

Now I have to make egg salad. And deviled eggs. Though deviled eggs just don’t seem right on a religious holiday, you know?

Happy Easter! And enjoy your jelly beans!


Jelly Bean Season

So, if you know me or you’ve read more than 2 posts in this little bloglette, you know I am all about the health food. It’s all kale and lentils and spinach smoothies and beans of every variety. It’s all vegetarian running fuel. Even the pizzas I make are covered with vegetables.

I do love me some good vegetables. I will eat an entire bunch of kale all by myself.


Let me show you what I had for dinner last night:

I know! Yum!

G is out of town, and when left to my own devices, I cannot be bothered to prepare real food for myself and I frequently eat candy and wine for dinner.

And oh man, this is my favorite candy.

Please note that I bought the “big bag” and that I couldn’t even wait to take a picture of this before I cut into the package and shoved some jelly beans in my face.

I have to have these old school jelly beans too – the kind you might find in a nursing home around Easter. None of these new fangled Starburst jelly beans or, heaven forbid, Jelly Belly beans. Ick. No way. I  want my jelly beans to taste like straight up sugar. Not interested in fancy flavors, thanks.

My favorite beans go like this: red (duh, red is the best color of every candy), orange, yellow, pink, purple, green, white, black.

I investigated more about my favorite beans at the Brach’s website, and came across some inspiring advice.

Keep that in mind, you guys. Every day is a good day to eat tons of candy.