I went home, to Michigan, last weekend. I flew out Friday night and arrived in Detroit at 6 am on Saturday morning. My parents drove a long way to get me, and then drove me a long way home.

We sat in the sun. We swam in the lake. We went for walks.


We explored the forest around home. We drank light beer and Moscow Mules. I saw my sister and met her dog. I went to the beach and laughed with my oldest friends.


It was wonderful, but also a little sad. I came back to Seattle on Tuesday night, and was reluctant to leave. It’s not enough time, not ever, but especially not when I try to sneak in a weekend trip. I live too far away, the travel days are too long. I can’t just get bored, which is the whole point of going home, after all.

Sometimes, usually after a trip like this, I start to wonder why I live so far away. I’ve grown to love life in Seattle, at least most of the time, but I sort of wound up out here by chance. I like my job, and my friends, but I’m pretty alone out here. The city has a lot to offer, but I don’t take advantage of nearly enough. These are my fears, anyway – alone and wasting time.

At the same time, I’m proud of myself for moving across the country, weathering the storms that followed that move- unemployment, a break-up, loneliness – and making a life for myself out here.  I can do what I wish with my life. I love so many parts of it. But some big parts of my life are hard to get to, my family of course, and my friends, but also the comfort of a small town, the lake stretching out to forever, and the smell of cedar trees and sand.

Going home is a reset button. Four days there makes me question not only where I live, but what I want to get out of  my days. It’s a good thing to thing about.


A Week of Fashion

Pictures of myself in the bathroom at work, and in front of the closet at home. I need a photographer. I only pick the classiest of locations.

By the way, it’s embarrassing to try to take your own picture in the work bathroom. Then why do it, you might ask? Because I like to look at pictures of myself, that’s why.

Tuesday brights and librarian hair.

Wednesday stripes and a lot of focus. Also, comb-over hair. Also, scarf.

Thursday hair improvements and heaven cast eyes. Also, wine glass. Also, Tuesday’s shirt is now clean and hanging behind me.

Good hair, Rosemary.

Primary colors for Thursday date.

And finally Friday crazy face, orange bathroom, time to travel, get me outta here, ahhhh so excited! My coworker asked if he could touch my pants to determine if they were jeggings. They are not.

Hopping on a plane TONIGHT!

Brunch Outfits, Green Beans, and Wild Creatures

Oh yes, summer has set in for real around here. It’s hot. Quite honestly I’m a little over it – mostly because I think I’m ready for fall clothing. I feel a little too naked in summer duds and am getting tired of people marveling at my tan. I swear I don’t work on it, it just happens.

Serious face, picture in my closet, what am I doing?  Are heels appropriate for brunch? I’m 6 feet tall in them. Does that make a difference? Nice lint roller.

Cat doesn’t care. I wore the heels.

Last Saturday’s brunch was good. Kind of amazing even. Gin and cava sets everything straight. The texture of my omelette was unprecedented in my life.

Let’s see, what else?

I’ve been cooking a little, but not a lot. Green beans remain a fave – so good raw and dipped in hummus.

You can slap about anything in a frittata and call it dinner, lunch, or breakfast. Corn is my go to.

When I’m bored or sad or anxious I write letters. This probably means the recipients of my letters think I have the depress. I don’t. I just get fidgety sometimes. I do some jumping jacks, write some letters, and generally feel better.

Look at this creature! It’s ridiculous.

The other night we sat on the porch at work and had blueberries and beer for dinner. It was really nice.

Happy weekend…………………….!

A Happy Night

Sometimes happy moments surprise you. You can’t plan for it,  and you certainly can’t expect it. Sometimes a weeknight is as special as a big event.

Crooked picture, 2 drinks in, under clear skies, a big moon and strings of lights.

An evening spent with a friend, with a fire by my feet and a glass of wine in my hand. Makes me happy.

Happiness at home and away.

Jennifer + Chris – 7.14.2012

What a wonderful weekend!

A week ago I flew to St. Louis to see my dear friends get married. Jennifer and Chris met when we were all in graduate school at Michigan, and I am so so happy for them, and happy to be a part of their wedding. They’re pretty awesome people individually, and an awesome couple to boot.

The wedding weekend started very early last Thursday, when JB and her mom picked me up at the airport at 5 am. They’re too nice.

When in Rome?

After a hearty breakfast, we went flower shopping! It was really neat – we got to go to florist wholesale warehouses and walk around the big chilly rooms selecting the flowers for the big day.

I got to share my bedroom with the flowers. We left the AC on.  Thursday also involved a run in the hot hot Midwest heat, getting our nails did, a fancy dinner, and meeting Chris’s family and friends.

Friday we helped with some cupcake and pie preparation and ran some errands. That’s one thing about weddings – there are endless amounts of errands to be run!

And then it was rehearsal time!

Their wedding was at the absolutely beautiful Missouri Botanical Gardens. It was such a perfect place, so many beautiful places throughout the whole garden, and the lovely Lantern Festival.

The rehearsal went well. I have to confess, I was nervous about my bridesmaid duties! I’m not used to standing up in front of people, even if all I have to do is stand there.

They were ready for the big day!

So were they!

After a nice and hot rehearsal we headed to rehearsal dinner. It was really fun – got to catch up with Adam and Katie and eat lots of pasta.

Then it was time for bed!

Saturday morning, bright and early, we had to get our hairs done did.

The beautiful bride, getting beautified.

After hair, the amazing Cheryl did our makeup. She’s a total pro!

And then it was time to wedge myself into my bridesmaid dress, make sure JB had everything she needed, and hop in a big white truck for the trek to the venue!

After we got the bride all dressed and ready to go and averted a few crises, it was picture time!

The ladies (JB, her sister Kelly, and me) looked lovely, and the fellas (Chris, his brother Stefan, and Jason) looked handsome (and hot! suits are tough in 90 degree weather).

Big red shoes.

And then, all of a sudden, it was wedding time!

The ceremony was darling, and lovely, and beautiful. I cried a little, and laughed a little. I’m just so happy for them!

After the wonderful ceremony, it was party time. We danced (a lot). We ate (a lot).

The bride played it cool.

No, she really did.

So much fun, such a happy time. ❤

Side Pony

I’m into it.

Channeling my inner child today with stripes, sneakers with dresses, and a side ponytail.

Also, hanging out in the bathroom for self portrait time.

Friday brain!

Jelly Bean Season

Wow, I can’t believe it is Wednesday already! This week is really flying by, and I’m ok with that, because my parents are coming to visit this weekend.

In preparation for my parents’ visit, I stocked up on good food:

Ok, I only stocked up on jellybeans. And I’ve already eaten a lot of them. Sorry, Dad.

No one ever believes me that Brach’s jellybeans are the best jellybeans ever. Everyone always goes for that Jolly Rancher, Starburst nonsense. No, no, classics are always best.

On an unrelated note – on the way to a friend’s house yesterday I finally remembered to take some pictures of these little houses in the wall surrounding a nearby house:

Lots of good little things are hiding around every corner.