When I Woke Up This Morning

You were on my mind!

I automatically fill that in any time anyone starts a sentence with “when I woke up this morning…”

Anyway, when I woke up this morning I was tired and didn’t wash my hair. It’s a little helmet-y today. Amazing how it can be both frizzy and greasy at the same time. Lovely!

Here are some better looking days:


The weather has been WONDERFUL here so a few weeks ago we took a trip to the zoo. It was pretty cool. Red pandas are cute. Hippos are scary. Parents of small children are scarier than the children themselves. I got unreasonably irritated at a woman in the reptile/amphibian house because she kept telling her daughter the snakes were slimy and those tiny frogs were just cute little babies. False! Read the informative plaques! I was, however, completely won over by a bespectacled 10 year old boy educating his dad on the difference between coral and king snakes.


Seattle does a nice job with the flowers. Poppies are so floppy. It rained the day after I took this and these basically disintegrated.

My birthday was this week. I’m 29. 29 is fine so far. My friends and coworkers wished me happy birthday. Chris took me out to dinner.


Happy Friday!



I went home, to Michigan, last weekend. I flew out Friday night and arrived in Detroit at 6 am on Saturday morning. My parents drove a long way to get me, and then drove me a long way home.

We sat in the sun. We swam in the lake. We went for walks.


We explored the forest around home. We drank light beer and Moscow Mules. I saw my sister and met her dog. I went to the beach and laughed with my oldest friends.


It was wonderful, but also a little sad. I came back to Seattle on Tuesday night, and was reluctant to leave. It’s not enough time, not ever, but especially not when I try to sneak in a weekend trip. I live too far away, the travel days are too long. I can’t just get bored, which is the whole point of going home, after all.

Sometimes, usually after a trip like this, I start to wonder why I live so far away. I’ve grown to love life in Seattle, at least most of the time, but I sort of wound up out here by chance. I like my job, and my friends, but I’m pretty alone out here. The city has a lot to offer, but I don’t take advantage of nearly enough. These are my fears, anyway – alone and wasting time.

At the same time, I’m proud of myself for moving across the country, weathering the storms that followed that move- unemployment, a break-up, loneliness – and making a life for myself out here.  I can do what I wish with my life. I love so many parts of it. But some big parts of my life are hard to get to, my family of course, and my friends, but also the comfort of a small town, the lake stretching out to forever, and the smell of cedar trees and sand.

Going home is a reset button. Four days there makes me question not only where I live, but what I want to get out of  my days. It’s a good thing to thing about.

Camping Trip

Hey! I told you I went camping last weekend, and that it was pretty great.

We left early Friday morning, after stopping by the grocery to stock up on camping essentials like licorice, granola bars, and fruit snacks. And beer, obviously. We brought two coolers.

Friday afternoon we went for an amazing hike.

A beautiful lake.

Lots of flowers.

Gorgeous views. We ate the world’s best sandwiches and drank a beer at the (almost) top of our hike.

Happy hikers.

It was really beautiful! And the weather was great.

After the hike, we drove on to our campsite and set that up.

We were right on a lake. The ducks kept trying to steal our beer.

We made some pretty good foil dinners the first night. Saturday morning we made bacon and eggs and hung out at the campsite, and then went for a drive.

Sunday we headed home, but had some scenic turnouts on the way back.

Clogs and shorts is totally a cool look.

Really beautiful, really a fun time.

An Eight Cat Saturday

Sorry such a long time between posts – this last week was crazy busy at work and after. But, weekend again! Time to relax!

Friday night I attended a coworker friend’s wedding. It was super lovely – they were married on a boat in lake Union. Very beautiful and unique wedding. A bunch of work friends all went together, so we had a very nice time.


We spent a fair amount of time at the ship’s bar.

So! Saturday morning was pretty lazy. Had a late breakfast and then decided to go for a walk.

It turned into a beautiful day, so we just kept walking, covering 6 miles in all, checking out the houses, gardens, and yes, cats of the neighborhoods north of us. On the walk up we saw 4 cats.

Then we stopped for a beer.


The walk home was all downhill, and we saw two more cats prowling the neighborhood.

But the best cats are the ones at home.



Another very nice Saturday!


A walk down the neighborhood hill on a grey and windy Sunday turned up something lovely.

Empty alleys overcome with sweetpea, lavender creeping out of yards, long grass stems along the sidewalks. Untended urban garden all around.

Gather it up. Take it to your friend. Keep away from the cat.

Summer Stroll

A sunny Saturday! I started the day with a 3.5 mile run, followed by a gigantic pile of eggs, ham, beans and salsa at a breakfast place down the street.

After breakfast, we decided to stroll through the neighborhood. It was really fun to check out all the homes and beautiful yards along the way.

Cherry tree!

Thistle-like plants as tall as me!

Piles of beautiful hydrangeas were everywhere.

After the afternoon stroll, I had a mint julep outside.


And then a dinner of bread, fruit, and cheese.

Lazy Days

All of a sudden it feels like summer. The sun rises early and stays up late – one of the benefits of being so far north. It’s a little hard to focus on work. A cubicle is a tough place to be on a perfect day.

Fortunately, I enjoyed two lazy summer days this past weekend.

Friday night was a simple breakfast for dinner after a hot run.


Poached eggs with spinach and grilled pepper. Easy and good.


Saturday morning was breakfast out. I’ve been on a cooking streak, it’s true, but we tried a new place for brunch. The dishes were quite unusual- that’s kalamata olive, feta, and honey monkey bread. It was ok, not amazing. The best part of the meal was sitting on the deck.


After breakfast we went shoe shopping at a nearby store that specializes in comfort shoes. Oh man, did that bring back some fond memories of my many years as a shoe seller. I miss it so!


Saturday evening I met up with Chanell and her parents for a lovely dinner downtown, and the Sounders game! It was super fun, as always, but I was totally tired by the end.


Sunday was super lazy. Slept in late and then decided to ride bikes to Ballard for another brunch out. That’s a succotash scramble. It was great, but I’m ready for cooking in after all these meals out.

After brunch, we wandered around the farmers’ market until we had to step inside for a cool drink.


And then moved to a patio for a few more.


After that, time for a leisurely bike ride home under beautiful skies.


A pretty great weekend.