Merry Happy

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a nice holiday!

My Christmas was nice, if very low-key. I didn’t travel back to Michigan to be with my family, which is hard for me, but I still had a nice time (and texted them a lot).


The tree on Christmas Eve – my parents sent me a ton of very nice gifts!

I had the day off on Christmas Eve, so I went for a run in a new pair of shoes and made some sugar cookies.




Yep, it is warm enough to run outside in shorts in Seattle. No white Christmas here. A green and grey Christmas.

And as you can see I’m a professional cookie decorator. Considering the last time I made sugar cookies (4-5 years ago?) they were basically inedible and hard as rocks, these turned out to be quite a victory as they were not only soft enough to chew, but actually tasted pretty good. Of course all recipes are too huge, so I froze the rest of the dough. I hope I remember it’s in the freezer.

Christmas morning was fun as always, had cinnamon rolls (Pillsbury – I can only do so much baking and of course I love opening those canisters) and opened gifts. I’m a really lucky duck and got some great presents.



That wrapping paper is my favorite. Mossy oak in pink. I told you I’m lucky.

I got some running clothes, a nice vest, candy, soap, and some other fun stuff. Then I went for a 5 mile run to test everything out (it all worked fine).


My cat wanted to go running too.

Then I talked to my parents and drank some champagne and made dinner (chicken, brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes, just like Thanksgiving).

Merry Christmas!


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