Weekend Before Christmas

Happy Monday! Did you have a nice weekend? Are you working today?

I’m working, in a very quiet office. The only noise is the thrum of heating (or cooling? since it’s in the mid 50s today?) and the click of a keyboard several cubes away. Click click, put that metadata in its place.

The weekend was nice, and very low-key, as all my weekends are. Solstice!


Thank goodness!

Oh, we had a eensy amount of snow on Friday morning, but that was still exciting. It of course turned to rain and was gone before noon. It’s hard living in a rain cloud.

photo3Speaking of living in a rain cloud, I went running yesterday in the rain. I usually wear a ball cap to keep the rain mostly off my glasses, but this was of absolutely no help yesterday as I was completely surrounded by mist. It was a very drippy 11 miles. The good news is that the rain washed a blood spot out of my shoe, left there from a blister last week. Nice! Disgusting!

After my run I drank a beer and immediately felt awful until I ate a bunch of pretzels.

Are all your presents wrapped? Mine are not.


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