Seattle Half Marathon

Happy December! Have you done all your holiday shopping yet? I’ve done a little bit of mine but I haven’t started writing Christmas cards yet.

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving last week! Did you eat a bird?

The long weekend was nice, I ate some pie and mashed potatoes on Thursday, went shopping (I know, what is wrong with me?) on Friday and tried to watch the worst Christmas tree lighting ever on Friday night. I don’t remember what I did on Saturday. Read, I think. And cleaned the tub.

Can’t beat that for excitement!

Sunday I ran the Seattle half marathon again. This is the third time I’ve run the race. I was totally nervous leading up to it, because even though I’ve been very diligent in my running, this stupid back/hip injury has been problematic for months. Sometimes I’m able to run with no problems, and other times it is so painful I can barely hobble home. I was really nervous it would flare up on Sunday’s run and I’d be 7 miles into the course and barely able to walk.

Anyway, Sunday I woke up early, ate some toast and drank some coffee and put on my rattiest of sweat clothing over my race outfit for the bus ride downtown to the race start. I think I really looked scary, as I had on an XL hooded sweatshirt and enormous grey sweatpants and was carrying my stuff in a plastic garbage bag. Too bad I didn’t take a picture.

I checked my bag and sweat clothing, hopped around at the start a little, and got a BEAUTIFUL pre-race photo:


Lovely. My eyes are always closed.

Anyway, my hip felt kind of tight so I was nervous about the run, but whatever, I was there to give it my best.

The first mile was cold, and crowded as first miles always are so I ran it pretty slow. And though I could feel a little bit of pain in my hip and back, it was nothing terrible. And it eventually subsided (or my brain kicked out enough endorphins to numb it!)

The race went really well. I felt in quite good shape, lung- and leg-wise, though I held back a little because I was still worrying I’d start feeling bad later into the race. This was probably a little dumb, but I still gave it a pretty good effort and got a pretty good time of 1:52:02 (a personal best, I think!)


Overall very encouraging, and now I want to run under 1:50 and of course also start training for a marathon, assuming my body cooperates.

More glamorous photos:



And these are the “good” shots. I think I need less baggy shorts. Though I do love my compression socks and wear them as a fashion statement even when I’m not exercising.

After the race I put my hideous grey sweat outfit back on, packed my medal in my garbage bag, and bussed it home.


2 thoughts on “Seattle Half Marathon

  1. Congratulations!! That’s a great time! Especially with your old age problems 😉
    Also this blog post deserves a description medal

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