Treadmill Time

I finally joined a gym! It’s very conveniently located near my apartment and work. And while I don’t love running on the treadmill, it is nice to have the option sometimes. Particularly in the early morning, or when it is really rainy. In general, I don’t mind running in a light rain, which is usually all Seattle has to offer, but when it’s really raining cats and dogs it is nice to hit the treadmill. This time of year, I usually run in the dark (since it gets dark at about 5 pm), and running in the dark in the evening isn’t scary, but running in the dark at 5 am certainly is – not quite sure why, maybe because there are so few other people out? And those that are out seem a little nutty?

I’ve been too sleepy this week to get up and go to the gym before work, but I’ve taken advantage of the treadmill a few times in the evening. The whole thing is like a game to hurry up from work to make sure I get a GOOD treadmill – one with a TV. Then I can watch the Pioneer Woman butter her family.



Anyway, I’ve run 19.5 miles this week, 86 this month. Likely not going to hit my goal of 130 for the month of November, due to vacation at the beginning of the month and this stupid injury (and due to some laziness too, let’s be serious). But my goal will be to do better than October, when I ran 116 miles. If I can get to 120 I will be pleased as punch.

And I’m going to start December out right with a half marathon on the 1st!


Eating Pizza, Drinking Beer

What else are you supposed to do on the weekend?


Homemade pizza is the best. I think I’m going to have it for dinner again today but with pepperoni and black olives on it.


Beer is pretty good too, and the label on this guy is so pretty.

Other than eat and drink, I didn’t do too much this weekend. 4 slow miles on Saturday and 11 slightly faster ones on Sunday. And a physical therapy appointment. She gave me a lot of core exercises so here’s hoping my six pack dream becomes a reality. Maybe pizza two nights in a row will help with that.

Happy Monday!


Thursday updates

Well hi!

No blogging for quite a while, I suppose because I don’t have much to say. Either that or my life is a whirlwind and I’m too busy to chronicle all my adventures. You can guess which you think applies.

I’ve been trying to do a lot of running lately, but unfortunately have a back injury that is making it hard to get the mileage I want. I’m seeing physical therapists to try to get it sorted out, but am kind of stuck at half marathon mileage right now, even though I’d like to move up to marathon training. Though I did manage a 20 miler this fall.

Since I do most my running at night (the sun sets before 5 this time of year, hooray), I don’t worry too much about my rad fashion.


Pretty stylin’

What else is new? I love my job (metadata!) and I eat a lot of vegetables still.


My cat is still the CUTEST.


Looks positively heaven sent, doesn’t he?

Oh! I went to Florida for my Grandma’s birthday this month. It was super fun.



Now I have a tan and good thing since Seattle basically won’t see the light of day until July.

Well I’m just killing time before dressing up in some awesome reflective gear and attempting a run. Not sure how far I’ll make it, but since I spent over an hour on the elliptical this morning at the gym and 8 hours today staring at spreadsheets and MARC records in a cubicle I think I need to try to get outside. There’s still a glimmer of light out there!

Happy Thursday!