When I Woke Up This Morning

You were on my mind!

I automatically fill that in any time anyone starts a sentence with “when I woke up this morning…”

Anyway, when I woke up this morning I was tired and didn’t wash my hair. It’s a little helmet-y today. Amazing how it can be both frizzy and greasy at the same time. Lovely!

Here are some better looking days:


The weather has been WONDERFUL here so a few weeks ago we took a trip to the zoo. It was pretty cool. Red pandas are cute. Hippos are scary. Parents of small children are scarier than the children themselves. I got unreasonably irritated at a woman in the reptile/amphibian house because she kept telling her daughter the snakes were slimy and those tiny frogs were just cute little babies. False! Read the informative plaques! I was, however, completely won over by a bespectacled 10 year old boy educating his dad on the difference between coral and king snakes.


Seattle does a nice job with the flowers. Poppies are so floppy. It rained the day after I took this and these basically disintegrated.

My birthday was this week. I’m 29. 29 is fine so far. My friends and coworkers wished me happy birthday. Chris took me out to dinner.


Happy Friday!


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