I tried these on this weekend while C was dealing with his problematic new glasses at the eye doctor – he looks very handsome in them, but apparently can’t see out of them. Kind of a problem, though they didn’t bother him in Hawaii when all he had to look at was the beautiful beach. Now that he is back at work they are causing problems for staring at computer screens. The solution is clearly to spend more time in Hawaii staring at the beach.

I’m ready.


Too bad they are $600. I’d have to wear them everywhere to get enough use out of them. Sitting in my cube, flopped on the floor in hot yoga, picking out overpriced vegetables at PCC, perched on various bar stools in the neighborhood. I think that sounds justifiable.


2 thoughts on “Style

  1. I love these. They look awesome on you. They would absolutely be worth $600 if you could somehow guarantee that they wouldn’t get crushed or lost. If they had an unlimited lifetime no-questions-asked warranty…..

  2. I see the cat eye glasses are coming back. I had to wear those as a kid and I got so picked on. I could never buy 600.00 glasses. It would be a sure thing they would get broken in no time lol

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