Chop Chop

I got my hair cut!


I’ve had really long hair for a really long time, and have been wanting to chop it off for the past few months. My hair is wavy and thick, and when it is so long I hardly ever do anything with it, opting instead to pile it on top of my head in a bun that I hear is unattractive. What’s the point of having so much hair if it’s just pulled back all the time?

I like getting my hair cut, though I sometimes suffer from lying to my hairdresser about how likely I am to do my hair, and how much I know about styling my own hair.  In reality, I know very little. Straightening is hard. My hair almost never looks the way it does after a cut (see pic above).


That’s what my hair looks like before the chop. Pretty! But unrealistic.

It usually really looked more like this:


Minus the feathered headdress.


Self styled.


More self styled.


And self styled again. So the self styling is not nearly as professional as the after cut picture…oh well. The whole point of chopping my hair off is so I could realistically do it and not knot it on top of my head like a librarian stereotype.

Anyway, I ordered a fancier flat iron.

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6 thoughts on “Chop Chop

  1. Self styling is hard, yo. I haven’t committed to a flat iron yet but bought a bunch of products today so I can try to get more days out of each attempt at styling. Yours looks great!

    • Thanks! I have a hard time picking out products but they really do seem to make a difference. I’m always worried I’ll look like a drowned rat with a bunch of goop in my hair, but it never happens. Apparently it takes a LOT of goop to flatten out hair.

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