I went to Hawaii for a week!

It was amazing, so beautiful, so relaxing.

We decided to take this trip almost on a whim – we’d been discussing vacations, throwing ideas around. California? Michigan? (kidding, but not really). Then I found some really affordable flights to Maui and the planning got more serious. After some trepidation, we just went for it!


We stayed at the Maui Kaanapali Villas.  I really liked our hotel – it had a nice big pool, the hotel room had a kitchen, and there were wonderful chairs for overlooking the ocean. Our flight to Maui  arrived in the evening, so the drive up to the hotel was in the dark. We pulled up to the front of the hotel surrounded by tiki torches and hopped out of the rental car in 75 degree weather – it was a pretty exciting moment – “I’m in Hawaii!”

Since we arrived in the dark, the first morning was spent exploring the beach. Hawaii is 3 hours behind Seattle, so I woke up around 5 every day, which was perfect – up early to enjoy the peaceful morning.


Early morning on the beach.


I spent a lot of time on the beach, swimming, some snorkeling, just walking up and down and checking out the other hotels. We tried stand up paddle boarding, and that was really fun. I saw a bunch of turtles and lots of neat fish.


Beach during the day.

We watched the sunrise from the top of the volcano one morning. We got up at 3 am to make it up there in time!




It was worth the early morning.

I drank some Mai Tais at the hotel.



And I ate some pineapple pancakes.


No pineapple hot dog though, though I regret passing by a sign for those.


Spent a fair amount of time reading here.



Went for a drive.


Almost got eaten by a ray. The Maui Ocean Center was a really great aquarium!


Sunset from the shuffleboard court.


The pool at night.



Beautiful sunset from the beach at the hotel.

We stayed for a whole week, and it was perfect. It was a good amount of active and relaxing – plenty of swimming and sightseeing, but also lots of staring out at the water. Because the hotel room had a really nice kitchen, we wound up cooking in a lot of the time, which not only saved money but was fun. Pretty perfect to be able eat your burritos on your lanai.

I will definitely go back!


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