A Merry Little Christmas

I didn’t go home to Michigan for Christmas this year.


I didn’t have enough days off, plane ticket prices were out of control. It just made more sense to stay in Seattle, and save my family time for January, when I will be able to stay in Michigan for 2+ weeks and work from home.

Sensible or not, this is the first time I haven’t spent Christmas in the UP, with my family. The run up to Christmas was a little difficult – I kept reassuring my parents and my self that this was the best option, that the holiday would be ok for all of us, if just a little different. I fretted about presents and shipping, worried that they would be sad, that I was ruining Christmas for my family.


But then the holiday weekend came, and I didn’t get on a plane. We talked on the phone, I insured their packages would get there on December 24. We realized it was ok to do things differently. I realized this is part of growing up, of choosing to live across the country.

And I had a happy Christmas.




I had fun opening presents from home.



Maybe too much fun.

I spent the holidays with Chris. We watched a lot of movies. We made delicious food and bloody marys. I accidentally made 3 pans of cinnamon rolls.



I miss my family and they miss me. But I had a nice holiday all the same.


2 thoughts on “A Merry Little Christmas

  1. Christmas this year was definately different. Grace and Mom were home but I worked all day and that’s always difficult. It was a nice day but pretty much all I can say is we got through it. It was fine. If that doesn’t say it all. Thank God Grace was here. Funny, but we were almost preoccupied with the holiday season. The house was all decorated early, the Dickens Village all set up, cookies and chocolates made, gifts were even wrapped and under the tree before the Christmas weekend. Thank God for Mom. We did miss you on the day but you were always in our thoughts and that made the holiday happy. Glad your day was happy.

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