Happy Last Day of 2012

Hey 2012, you were all right!

I’m at work today, at a VERY quiet office with very few tasks at hand and not much desire to focus on them. It is freezing in here and I look a little bit like an art teacher in black skinny jeans that are somehow baggy, striped socks, clogs, and a plaid flannel shirt I have maybe worn 3 days in a row. Whatever. There’s no one here to see me. Oh I also have a huge black sweater coat wrapped around me. It’s freezing.

Soon it will be time for New Year’s Eve festivities and I’ll have to get all dolled up. I don’t have any closed toe high heels. Is it ok to wear tights with open toe shoes? I know the answer to this question.

I don’t really have any NYE festivities planned, I’m kind of lying. I think we’re going to dress up and have a drink out and then go home and make confetti and throw it at each other. We thought about going to a fancy dinner, but didn’t make any plans until, like, 2 hours ago, so surprise! things are all booked. Or have ridiculously high prices. It’s hard to pay $150 for a restaurant you frequent weekly and I don’t like truffle oil anyway.

2012 was a nice middle of the road year, no great highs, no deep lows. I decided I liked Seattle. I started dating someone nice and fun and funny. I kept in touch with faraway friends. My family visited me and I visited them. I was a bridesmaid in my dear friend’s wedding. I went camping and saw some beautiful sights. I ate and drank a lot. I freaked out about work more than is probably warranted.

Well, I’m off to cut up newspapers into confetti. Have a fun, safe and happy New Year’s Eve!


A Merry Little Christmas

I didn’t go home to Michigan for Christmas this year.


I didn’t have enough days off, plane ticket prices were out of control. It just made more sense to stay in Seattle, and save my family time for January, when I will be able to stay in Michigan for 2+ weeks and work from home.

Sensible or not, this is the first time I haven’t spent Christmas in the UP, with my family. The run up to Christmas was a little difficult – I kept reassuring my parents and my self that this was the best option, that the holiday would be ok for all of us, if just a little different. I fretted about presents and shipping, worried that they would be sad, that I was ruining Christmas for my family.


But then the holiday weekend came, and I didn’t get on a plane. We talked on the phone, I insured their packages would get there on December 24. We realized it was ok to do things differently. I realized this is part of growing up, of choosing to live across the country.

And I had a happy Christmas.




I had fun opening presents from home.



Maybe too much fun.

I spent the holidays with Chris. We watched a lot of movies. We made delicious food and bloody marys. I accidentally made 3 pans of cinnamon rolls.



I miss my family and they miss me. But I had a nice holiday all the same.