Home Improvements

My apartment is small and mostly undecorated. I have a mini couch. I have a bed.

I’m not sure why decorating seems so daunting – even though I know I can always take things down, move them around, I am SO reluctant to buy furniture or hang up pictures.

It makes for a pretty spartan existence.

BUT! Alex and I did a craft project a few weeks ago. We were inspired by Pinterest.

We set up a workspace in Alex’s basement, and mod podged our way to map success.

And yesterday I finally hung up my finished product.

Inspired by my crooked hanging skills, I decided to also hang up some curtains I bought about a year ago.

Yep, these have been hiding under my bed for almost a year. I’m afraid the wild cat will climb them. But I suppose it doesn’t hurt to try it out.

I think that’s the problem with home decor – I don’t want to let myself make mistakes. This is really silly, because it’s not that terrible to say, “oh no, that looks awful!” or “I’ll move this over here now.” I’m not sure why I got it into my head I have to get it perfect right out of the gate – and something usually looks better than nothing!

Here’s to home improvements, little by little.


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