A Week of Fashion

Pictures of myself in the bathroom at work, and in front of the closet at home. I need a photographer. I only pick the classiest of locations.

By the way, it’s embarrassing to try to take your own picture in the work bathroom. Then why do it, you might ask? Because I like to look at pictures of myself, that’s why.

Tuesday brights and librarian hair.

Wednesday stripes and a lot of focus. Also, comb-over hair. Also, scarf.

Thursday hair improvements and heaven cast eyes. Also, wine glass. Also, Tuesday’s shirt is now clean and hanging behind me.

Good hair, Rosemary.

Primary colors for Thursday date.

And finally Friday crazy face, orange bathroom, time to travel, get me outta here, ahhhh so excited! My coworker asked if he could touch my pants to determine if they were jeggings. They are not.

Hopping on a plane TONIGHT!


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