Camping Trip

Hey! I told you I went camping last weekend, and that it was pretty great.

We left early Friday morning, after stopping by the grocery to stock up on camping essentials like licorice, granola bars, and fruit snacks. And beer, obviously. We brought two coolers.

Friday afternoon we went for an amazing hike.

A beautiful lake.

Lots of flowers.

Gorgeous views. We ate the world’s best sandwiches and drank a beer at the (almost) top of our hike.

Happy hikers.

It was really beautiful! And the weather was great.

After the hike, we drove on to our campsite and set that up.

We were right on a lake. The ducks kept trying to steal our beer.

We made some pretty good foil dinners the first night. Saturday morning we made bacon and eggs and hung out at the campsite, and then went for a drive.

Sunday we headed home, but had some scenic turnouts on the way back.

Clogs and shorts is totally a cool look.

Really beautiful, really a fun time.


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