Brunch Outfits, Green Beans, and Wild Creatures

Oh yes, summer has set in for real around here. It’s hot. Quite honestly I’m a little over it – mostly because I think I’m ready for fall clothing. I feel a little too naked in summer duds and am getting tired of people marveling at my tan. I swear I don’t work on it, it just happens.

Serious face, picture in my closet, what am I doing?  Are heels appropriate for brunch? I’m 6 feet tall in them. Does that make a difference? Nice lint roller.

Cat doesn’t care. I wore the heels.

Last Saturday’s brunch was good. Kind of amazing even. Gin and cava sets everything straight. The texture of my omelette was unprecedented in my life.

Let’s see, what else?

I’ve been cooking a little, but not a lot. Green beans remain a fave – so good raw and dipped in hummus.

You can slap about anything in a frittata and call it dinner, lunch, or breakfast. Corn is my go to.

When I’m bored or sad or anxious I write letters. This probably means the recipients of my letters think I have the depress. I don’t. I just get fidgety sometimes. I do some jumping jacks, write some letters, and generally feel better.

Look at this creature! It’s ridiculous.

The other night we sat on the porch at work and had blueberries and beer for dinner. It was really nice.

Happy weekend…………………….!


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