Sew Much To Learn

Oh yes, last night I went to a sewing class.

A few weeks ago Alex and I bought a Groupon for a sewing class at a sewing machine and vacuum store. Alex bought a sewing machine earlier this year, and um, has yet to use it. Classes in order.

After work we stopped for a quick drink and a cheeseburger and then headed to the class!

We were understandably pretty excited.

The class was three hours, and we all made a tote bag. Our instructor was super nice and patient, which was necessary because no one knew what they were doing. Our classmates were fun and funny. They were into it!

We ironed fabric, and pinned away. Alex pinned himself.

We programmed our sewing machines to monogram our bags. AMAZING!


Things got a little stressful when it came time to sew the straps. No crooked stitching!

My seams are maybe crooked.

But that obviously doesn’t detract from the loveliness of the finished product, or my general satisfaction. Quite a night well spent.


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