An Eight Cat Saturday

Sorry such a long time between posts – this last week was crazy busy at work and after. But, weekend again! Time to relax!

Friday night I attended a coworker friend’s wedding. It was super lovely – they were married on a boat in lake Union. Very beautiful and unique wedding. A bunch of work friends all went together, so we had a very nice time.


We spent a fair amount of time at the ship’s bar.

So! Saturday morning was pretty lazy. Had a late breakfast and then decided to go for a walk.

It turned into a beautiful day, so we just kept walking, covering 6 miles in all, checking out the houses, gardens, and yes, cats of the neighborhoods north of us. On the walk up we saw 4 cats.

Then we stopped for a beer.


The walk home was all downhill, and we saw two more cats prowling the neighborhood.

But the best cats are the ones at home.



Another very nice Saturday!


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