Lazy Days

All of a sudden it feels like summer. The sun rises early and stays up late – one of the benefits of being so far north. It’s a little hard to focus on work. A cubicle is a tough place to be on a perfect day.

Fortunately, I enjoyed two lazy summer days this past weekend.

Friday night was a simple breakfast for dinner after a hot run.


Poached eggs with spinach and grilled pepper. Easy and good.


Saturday morning was breakfast out. I’ve been on a cooking streak, it’s true, but we tried a new place for brunch. The dishes were quite unusual- that’s kalamata olive, feta, and honey monkey bread. It was ok, not amazing. The best part of the meal was sitting on the deck.


After breakfast we went shoe shopping at a nearby store that specializes in comfort shoes. Oh man, did that bring back some fond memories of my many years as a shoe seller. I miss it so!


Saturday evening I met up with Chanell and her parents for a lovely dinner downtown, and the Sounders game! It was super fun, as always, but I was totally tired by the end.


Sunday was super lazy. Slept in late and then decided to ride bikes to Ballard for another brunch out. That’s a succotash scramble. It was great, but I’m ready for cooking in after all these meals out.

After brunch, we wandered around the farmers’ market until we had to step inside for a cool drink.


And then moved to a patio for a few more.


After that, time for a leisurely bike ride home under beautiful skies.


A pretty great weekend.


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