I Know How to Celebrate

It’s true! Happy 5th of July.

I rang in the 4th with a midnight 5k on Tuesday. More pictures and updates to come. It was ridiculous.

The 4th was a nice day – quite lazy. While I’d prefer a long weekend to a holiday in the middle of the week, yesterday was the best Wednesday I’ve had in a while.

What’s the best way to wake up on a lazy holiday morning after a late night of running and drinking?

Bacon! And coffee! Together!

Using a recipe from the Joy the Baker cookbook, we made a sugary coffee marinade and let our bacon sit for a few hours while watching a movie. Then we baked/broiled it. It was super tasty, but I think I would broil it longer next time. I like my bacon extra crispy.

Grapefruit mimosas also totally help turn a sunny holiday into a productive day.

That is not true. But! Grapefruit mimosas are dangerously delicious.

Now that it’s after the 4th of July, summer is really here in Seattle. Thank heavens. I was getting tired of endless chilly spring.

Time to sit in the sun with a cool one. Well, not right now. But I’m happy the option is there.


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