Firecracker 5000 5K

I did this midnight 5k last year, and had a great time, so decided to do it again!

Last year I ran with Chanell and her Mom, who unfortunately couldn’t join us this year. This year, I ran the race with Alex, and we had a nice group of cheerers.

Cheerers who made sure we had a few good drinks before the run.

I think I look appropriately concerned.

Pinky swear. We’re in it for the whole 3 miles.

So exciting!

Some people like to show off a little.

Or a lot.

I guess I like to show off too.

The run was super fun, nice and speedy. I always forget how fast 5Ks are. Time was 24:25.

Athletes always fuel up with a beer or two, right?

Totally ridiculous.

But very fun!

And then it was past my bedtime.

And past Alex’s too.

Happy Fourth of July!

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