Can’t Trust That Day

Some Monday’s are blue, for good reasons or not.

One must chin up, on a dreary Monday, and look for the good things all around.


Neighborhood roses.


An unexpectedly good hair day.


An easy and healthy meal at home.


A crazy cat, resting on books.

All good things indeed, but I’m ready for Monday to be on its way for another week.


Corn and Tomato Frittata

Summer corn! Summer tomatoes! Summer deliciousness all over the place. I just ate a pint of blueberries for dinner, but who could blame me.

For lunch on Sunday I made a frittata, the easiest thing in the world to cook, and a good meal to use up vegetables purchased in a fit of summer love.

First, I roasted some bitty heirloom tomatoes, just to make them squishy. Then I cooked half an onion I had lingering in the bottom of my fridge.

While these cooled, I went to chopping.


Corn kinda went everywhere. Turns out cats like corn.

I cracked 8 eggs into a bowl and whiskity-whisked away. Then I dumped in my veggies, stirred up, added a few crumbles of goat cheese and a little black pepper, and poured into a greased square pan.

Now, I’m not sure how long I baked this- I started with 17 minutes on my timer, but then kept resetting for 5 more. I cleaned the tub while the frittata baked. Soooo productive. Anyway, once the middle didn’t jiggle anymore, I took it out and ate it for lunch.


I ate it for lunch outside, on the deck, with some olive bread and store bought salad. Very good. The corn and cooked onions made the whole dish very sweet.


Good stuff, and good leftovers!

An Eight Cat Saturday

Sorry such a long time between posts – this last week was crazy busy at work and after. But, weekend again! Time to relax!

Friday night I attended a coworker friend’s wedding. It was super lovely – they were married on a boat in lake Union. Very beautiful and unique wedding. A bunch of work friends all went together, so we had a very nice time.


We spent a fair amount of time at the ship’s bar.

So! Saturday morning was pretty lazy. Had a late breakfast and then decided to go for a walk.

It turned into a beautiful day, so we just kept walking, covering 6 miles in all, checking out the houses, gardens, and yes, cats of the neighborhoods north of us. On the walk up we saw 4 cats.

Then we stopped for a beer.


The walk home was all downhill, and we saw two more cats prowling the neighborhood.

But the best cats are the ones at home.



Another very nice Saturday!


A walk down the neighborhood hill on a grey and windy Sunday turned up something lovely.

Empty alleys overcome with sweetpea, lavender creeping out of yards, long grass stems along the sidewalks. Untended urban garden all around.

Gather it up. Take it to your friend. Keep away from the cat.

Summer Stroll

A sunny Saturday! I started the day with a 3.5 mile run, followed by a gigantic pile of eggs, ham, beans and salsa at a breakfast place down the street.

After breakfast, we decided to stroll through the neighborhood. It was really fun to check out all the homes and beautiful yards along the way.

Cherry tree!

Thistle-like plants as tall as me!

Piles of beautiful hydrangeas were everywhere.

After the afternoon stroll, I had a mint julep outside.


And then a dinner of bread, fruit, and cheese.

Jennifer + Chris – 7.14.2012

What a wonderful weekend!

A week ago I flew to St. Louis to see my dear friends get married. Jennifer and Chris met when we were all in graduate school at Michigan, and I am so so happy for them, and happy to be a part of their wedding. They’re pretty awesome people individually, and an awesome couple to boot.

The wedding weekend started very early last Thursday, when JB and her mom picked me up at the airport at 5 am. They’re too nice.

When in Rome?

After a hearty breakfast, we went flower shopping! It was really neat – we got to go to florist wholesale warehouses and walk around the big chilly rooms selecting the flowers for the big day.

I got to share my bedroom with the flowers. We left the AC on.  Thursday also involved a run in the hot hot Midwest heat, getting our nails did, a fancy dinner, and meeting Chris’s family and friends.

Friday we helped with some cupcake and pie preparation and ran some errands. That’s one thing about weddings – there are endless amounts of errands to be run!

And then it was rehearsal time!

Their wedding was at the absolutely beautiful Missouri Botanical Gardens. It was such a perfect place, so many beautiful places throughout the whole garden, and the lovely Lantern Festival.

The rehearsal went well. I have to confess, I was nervous about my bridesmaid duties! I’m not used to standing up in front of people, even if all I have to do is stand there.

They were ready for the big day!

So were they!

After a nice and hot rehearsal we headed to rehearsal dinner. It was really fun – got to catch up with Adam and Katie and eat lots of pasta.

Then it was time for bed!

Saturday morning, bright and early, we had to get our hairs done did.

The beautiful bride, getting beautified.

After hair, the amazing Cheryl did our makeup. She’s a total pro!

And then it was time to wedge myself into my bridesmaid dress, make sure JB had everything she needed, and hop in a big white truck for the trek to the venue!

After we got the bride all dressed and ready to go and averted a few crises, it was picture time!

The ladies (JB, her sister Kelly, and me) looked lovely, and the fellas (Chris, his brother Stefan, and Jason) looked handsome (and hot! suits are tough in 90 degree weather).

Big red shoes.

And then, all of a sudden, it was wedding time!

The ceremony was darling, and lovely, and beautiful. I cried a little, and laughed a little. I’m just so happy for them!

After the wonderful ceremony, it was party time. We danced (a lot). We ate (a lot).

The bride played it cool.

No, she really did.

So much fun, such a happy time. ❤

Morning Routine

Up early, in time to make coffee. That’s how I like to start my day, with sun shining right in my face and a wild little cat curled up by my feet.

Measure out my Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and boil water.

Speaking of boiling water, you can’t go wrong with oatmeal and fruit.

But this morning is a little out of my routine. I spent most of it packing up for my trip to St. Louis!

I do ❤ my stuff.

I’m so excited for this weekend – can’t wait to see JB and CH get married! Updates from the midwest soon!