But no gravy.

Oh, why do I forget how much I enjoy cooking? It’s so fun to prepare food – I think I just get discouraged when I’m only cooking for one. I’m not a leftover fan.

Last night I made a very delicious kale salad, some asparagus with bacon and goat cheese, and peach shortcakes for dessert!

The recipe for the peach dessert comes from Shutterbean. I modified slightly, because I used salted butter in the biscuits (because I didn’t have any unsalted!) and skipped the salt. Also, instead of the Cointreau in the peaches, I added just a drop of whiskey. And we went for whipped cream rather than ice cream, mostly just because I like to watch my mixer work it.

Making the biscuits was oh so easy and very fun. Butter, flour, baking powder, milk and done!

Topped with super sweet peaches and homemade whipped cream.


And I know I said I’m not a leftover fan, but I was pretty pleased to have some leftover biscuits for breakfast this morning.

Topped with goat cheese and jam, accompanied by coffee, blueberries and orange juice. Yum!

Ready for the day.


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