Good Eating

Hey! The weekend again!

Cat in a space blanket!

I ran a half marathon yesterday, so will be writing up a recap of that soon, but wanted to share some of the fun things I did this weekend (besides run!)

Well, after a long run, I was pretty hungry. So we tried out Dot’s Delicatessen for lunch. I got a Reuben, and oh my goodness, was it good.

Good and huge. Hungry as I was, I could only eat half of it.

Don’t worry, I saved the half (split into another half!) for dinner, accompanied by a salad. Between lunch and dinner, I did some napping and some shopping, including a pair of very cute jeans!

I guess it’s really a good weekend when you can buy skinny jeans after chomping down a giant Reuben. These are pretty slim though, I’m worried they might be a little rude.

More good food today.

Plus an after race self pedicure (which was very necessary).  Also, what the heck is wrong with my little toes? They look so defeated.

Then the cat and I fought over the sun square on the living room floor. Another satisfying weekend! More to come on Saturday’s race soon!


2 thoughts on “Good Eating

  1. Kitty looking as cute as ever, Enjoy the running ! I am more of a walking person on the good days lol Although I am not a Reuben fan your deli looks like it makes great sandwiches and can’t help but wonder what their Cuban sandwich would look like I am a Cuban fan!

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