Weekend Again

Last week was crazy busy at work, but the good thing about that is it makes the time fly. So! Weekend again!

Today I’m at work, trying to wrap some stuff up to make the week to come a little easier to handle. But yesterday I had fun.

We went for a walk and waited in line for a delicious breakfast. Sugar + sugar covered in fruit.

I also had two mimosas.

Then we went furniture “shopping.” I don’t really have it in me to commit to actually purchasing furniture, but it is fun to look. And sit on couches.

After shopping, the highlight of the day – meeting a friend’s new cat, Elmer. Elmer!

Elmer is a dreamboat.

After enough (is there ever enough?) cat adoration, we had a few little beers and dinner with another friend. A very nice Saturday!

Today is a little less thrilling, like I said, work (must be done!):

But it started off nice with a salad for breakfast.

And some appreciation of a pretty darn nice Dad (even though he wouldn’t answer my phone calls).

Happy Father’s Day!


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