Fancy Breakfast

Eggs Benedict at home! This included a lot of firsts – poaching more than one egg, making hollandaise sauce, assembling a delicious plate in quick time.

Totally tasty – rosemary roasted potatoes, poached eggs atop English muffins, topped with extra crispy bacon and hollandaise with arugula on the side. Sparkling water, orange juice and coffee to drink.

We go out for brunch on most weekends, so it was super fun to make something at home. Everything didn’t go perfectly  – the hollandaise could have have been fluffier and the eggs runnier, but it was fun to learn something new and everything was still really delicious. A wonderful start to the weekend.


Side Pony

I’m into it.

Channeling my inner child today with stripes, sneakers with dresses, and a side ponytail.

Also, hanging out in the bathroom for self portrait time.

Friday brain!


But no gravy.

Oh, why do I forget how much I enjoy cooking? It’s so fun to prepare food – I think I just get discouraged when I’m only cooking for one. I’m not a leftover fan.

Last night I made a very delicious kale salad, some asparagus with bacon and goat cheese, and peach shortcakes for dessert!

The recipe for the peach dessert comes from Shutterbean. I modified slightly, because I used salted butter in the biscuits (because I didn’t have any unsalted!) and skipped the salt. Also, instead of the Cointreau in the peaches, I added just a drop of whiskey. And we went for whipped cream rather than ice cream, mostly just because I like to watch my mixer work it.

Making the biscuits was oh so easy and very fun. Butter, flour, baking powder, milk and done!

Topped with super sweet peaches and homemade whipped cream.


And I know I said I’m not a leftover fan, but I was pretty pleased to have some leftover biscuits for breakfast this morning.

Topped with goat cheese and jam, accompanied by coffee, blueberries and orange juice. Yum!

Ready for the day.

Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon

Time to run another half marathon!

I did this race last year, and really enjoyed it, so I was excited to run it again this year. Once again, I registered for the full marathon and realized I just don’t have it in me to commit to training for a full, so dropped down to the half. I would really like to run a full marathon again, but need to be realistic about the amount of time I’m willing to train for racing. I enjoy running, a lot, but enjoy the level of intensity I need when training for half marathons (so, all the time). The thought of training for a full just kind of stresses me out, and that is really not the point of running, at least not for me. At the same time, I do want to take on new challenges when running, so another full marathon will probably be in the cards at some point.

Anyway, I was a little jittery about the logistics for this race. I had to get downtown early in order to run, and that always stresses me out a little. Probably a good thing – gets the adrenaline up.

I made it to the race start at the Seattle Center with plenty of time, but only had time to wait in line to use the Porta-Potty (so gross) once! This meant I had to stop for a quick pee on the race course, something I’ve never done before. Aren’t you glad you know this about me now? Runners seem to feel ok telling everyone about their bodily functions, but I usually consider that a bit too crass for me.

The race was well organized, the bands were fun, the new course was nice. It was really similar to the Amica Seattle Half, which is fine, since I like that race. Last year I think I was excited by the sheer number of people participating in this race, but this year the crowds drove me a little crazy.

See? Crazy.

It was just kind of an ok race – my time was fine, especially considering I stopped and taking the crowds into account. I had fun, and as usual felt a little “mystical” at the end of the race, but I really just wanted to get out of all the people once I finished.

Time was 1:58:49, a 9:04 pace, with negative splits.

Maybe next year I’ll buckle down for the full race. I guess we will see!

Good Eating

Hey! The weekend again!

Cat in a space blanket!

I ran a half marathon yesterday, so will be writing up a recap of that soon, but wanted to share some of the fun things I did this weekend (besides run!)

Well, after a long run, I was pretty hungry. So we tried out Dot’s Delicatessen for lunch. I got a Reuben, and oh my goodness, was it good.

Good and huge. Hungry as I was, I could only eat half of it.

Don’t worry, I saved the half (split into another half!) for dinner, accompanied by a salad. Between lunch and dinner, I did some napping and some shopping, including a pair of very cute jeans!

I guess it’s really a good weekend when you can buy skinny jeans after chomping down a giant Reuben. These are pretty slim though, I’m worried they might be a little rude.

More good food today.

Plus an after race self pedicure (which was very necessary).  Also, what the heck is wrong with my little toes? They look so defeated.

Then the cat and I fought over the sun square on the living room floor. Another satisfying weekend! More to come on Saturday’s race soon!

Weekend Again

Last week was crazy busy at work, but the good thing about that is it makes the time fly. So! Weekend again!

Today I’m at work, trying to wrap some stuff up to make the week to come a little easier to handle. But yesterday I had fun.

We went for a walk and waited in line for a delicious breakfast. Sugar + sugar covered in fruit.

I also had two mimosas.

Then we went furniture “shopping.” I don’t really have it in me to commit to actually purchasing furniture, but it is fun to look. And sit on couches.

After shopping, the highlight of the day – meeting a friend’s new cat, Elmer. Elmer!

Elmer is a dreamboat.

After enough (is there ever enough?) cat adoration, we had a few little beers and dinner with another friend. A very nice Saturday!

Today is a little less thrilling, like I said, work (must be done!):

But it started off nice with a salad for breakfast.

And some appreciation of a pretty darn nice Dad (even though he wouldn’t answer my phone calls).

Happy Father’s Day!