How is it Memorial Day weekend already? This year is flying by.

Let’s see, what have I been up to?

Oh, right, I had a birthday a few weeks ago. It was really nice, filled with kind wishes from family and friends. So far, I like being 28. It sounds a little cheesy to say, but as I get older I really feel like I like me more. You know, have more confidence that I’m a pretty cool person.

A birthday whiskey sour (or 3, yikes!).

Love from all over.

This spring has been full of really beautiful days, so we’ve spent a lot of time walking around the surrounding neighborhoods, followed by a beer or two. Quite honestly, this is a favorite way to spend a weekend day – out of doors, getting a little sun, seeing the sights with nice company, and of course trying new restaurants!

Lots of stuff to see, if you look around.

I hope this weekend is a fun one – I don’t have any real plans yet, but am sure I’ll be able to keep busy. I probably need to do a long run at some point, but those always seem to get in the way of brunch.

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