Seattle’s Best 15K

Another weekend, another race!

I did this race last year and really enjoyed it, and decided to sign up again. Originally, I had plans to take a letterpress class this weekend (a very nice birthday gift!), but unfortunately, the class was cancelled due to low enrollment. More people need to get on the letterpress bus!

Anyway, I decided Friday afternoon that I would run this race on Saturday. I fueled up with a few glasses of wine Friday evening and a cold tortilla and coffee on Saturday morning. Healthy!

And then I woke up at 5 am, registered for the race, and went for a run at 7! Perfect morning.

This race is really fun – nice and small, super close to my house, flat course. I had a really nice time running, and the weather was so much better than last year. This whole spring is better than last year.

And, I had a pretty good time! 1:17:07 – 8:16/mile pace. I paced myself much better this year. I think I’ve run enough races to know what’s what.

Anyway, after the race and a shower, it was time for breakfast:

A big fat bloody mary and some eggs and broccoli and english muffin. Yum.

Then C and I took advantage of the nice weather and went for a stroll. And had a few more drinks!


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