Eugene Half Marathon

Lots of trips lately! Will have to tell you all about my wonderful trip to Illinois to see JB and family soon.

Last weekend Chanell and I drove down to Eugene, OR, to run a half marathon.

Chanell wasn’t able to run this race, due to some health issues, but we had a nice time driving down together and exploring Eugene. It is a really cute town, and reminded me a lot of dear old Ann Arbor.

We spent a lot of time meandering through a great bookstore.

Tracktown, USA!

We spent Saturday wandering around the expo, chatting with our coworker who ran the full marathon, and exploring Eugene.

Had I won the race, I would have been entitled to a year’s supply of Krusteaz pancakes. If I only I were faster!

After a delightful meal, and after I dumped a full glass of red wine on Chanell, we drove over to Monmouth, OR to stay the night.

Sunday morning, bright and early (4:30 am), I was ready to run!

The race was really a fun one – Eugene is a famous running community and there were lots of great spectators. The course was pretty flat, but with some nice little hills.

I really love running! Races always reinforce this for me – I will never be super speedy or a pro runner or anything, but it is a hobby I really love.

I started a little too fast, as I slowed down a little bit in the final three miles, but wound up getting my best half marathon time to date: 1:53:14!

Chanell was an awesome cheerleader, cowbell and all. I so appreciate her support!

After the run, it was time for a beer (of course).

We spent a little more time in Eugene and then headed home, singing oldies in our rental car all the way back to Seattle. What a great weekend!


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