Happy Saturday

What a lovely day it was yesterday! Sun shine and warm weather.


C and C and I decided to hop on a bus and head to Ballard for delicious brunch.


They had BBQ Benedict on cornbread.


I had grits and eggs. Oh, and we split a pitcher of mimosas too. Of course.

Then we walked around the locks and admired all the lovely boats and flowers. After a little shopping, we got thirsty again.



Nothing better than drinking on a patio with your friends.




How is it Memorial Day weekend already? This year is flying by.

Let’s see, what have I been up to?

Oh, right, I had a birthday a few weeks ago. It was really nice, filled with kind wishes from family and friends. So far, I like being 28. It sounds a little cheesy to say, but as I get older I really feel like I like me more. You know, have more confidence that I’m a pretty cool person.

A birthday whiskey sour (or 3, yikes!).

Love from all over.

This spring has been full of really beautiful days, so we’ve spent a lot of time walking around the surrounding neighborhoods, followed by a beer or two. Quite honestly, this is a favorite way to spend a weekend day – out of doors, getting a little sun, seeing the sights with nice company, and of course trying new restaurants!

Lots of stuff to see, if you look around.

I hope this weekend is a fun one – I don’t have any real plans yet, but am sure I’ll be able to keep busy. I probably need to do a long run at some point, but those always seem to get in the way of brunch.

Seattle’s Best 15K

Another weekend, another race!

I did this race last year and really enjoyed it, and decided to sign up again. Originally, I had plans to take a letterpress class this weekend (a very nice birthday gift!), but unfortunately, the class was cancelled due to low enrollment. More people need to get on the letterpress bus!

Anyway, I decided Friday afternoon that I would run this race on Saturday. I fueled up with a few glasses of wine Friday evening and a cold tortilla and coffee on Saturday morning. Healthy!

And then I woke up at 5 am, registered for the race, and went for a run at 7! Perfect morning.

This race is really fun – nice and small, super close to my house, flat course. I had a really nice time running, and the weather was so much better than last year. This whole spring is better than last year.

And, I had a pretty good time! 1:17:07 – 8:16/mile pace. I paced myself much better this year. I think I’ve run enough races to know what’s what.

Anyway, after the race and a shower, it was time for breakfast:

A big fat bloody mary and some eggs and broccoli and english muffin. Yum.

Then C and I took advantage of the nice weather and went for a stroll. And had a few more drinks!

Eugene Half Marathon

Lots of trips lately! Will have to tell you all about my wonderful trip to Illinois to see JB and family soon.

Last weekend Chanell and I drove down to Eugene, OR, to run a half marathon.

Chanell wasn’t able to run this race, due to some health issues, but we had a nice time driving down together and exploring Eugene. It is a really cute town, and reminded me a lot of dear old Ann Arbor.

We spent a lot of time meandering through a great bookstore.

Tracktown, USA!

We spent Saturday wandering around the expo, chatting with our coworker who ran the full marathon, and exploring Eugene.

Had I won the race, I would have been entitled to a year’s supply of Krusteaz pancakes. If I only I were faster!

After a delightful meal, and after I dumped a full glass of red wine on Chanell, we drove over to Monmouth, OR to stay the night.

Sunday morning, bright and early (4:30 am), I was ready to run!

The race was really a fun one – Eugene is a famous running community and there were lots of great spectators. The course was pretty flat, but with some nice little hills.

I really love running! Races always reinforce this for me – I will never be super speedy or a pro runner or anything, but it is a hobby I really love.

I started a little too fast, as I slowed down a little bit in the final three miles, but wound up getting my best half marathon time to date: 1:53:14!

Chanell was an awesome cheerleader, cowbell and all. I so appreciate her support!

After the run, it was time for a beer (of course).

We spent a little more time in Eugene and then headed home, singing oldies in our rental car all the way back to Seattle. What a great weekend!