Mid Week Weekend Wrap Up

Um, right. It’s Wednesday! Let me tell you what I did last weekend.

I did not do my taxes. I saved those for Tuesday afternoon. Procrastination station.

The weather was beautiful in Seattle last weekend. Pure truth! Hard to believe as I look out the window at grey and rain today, but I’d rather have a sunny Sunday.

What to do with the nice weather? Why, go to a soccer game!

Fun fun. Beer for breakfast.

But wait! There’s more!

Chanell and I decided to revisit this fine day, and attend both a Sounders soccer game and a Mariners baseball game. So much sport!

I got a cute hat.

We had to refuel properly, to make it through such an arduous day of sporting events.

Chris joined us for the Mariners game. We ate garlic fries.

On Sunday, I needed to take it easy. No sports for me. I drank coffee and sat on the deck. It was even warm enough for shorts!

And then we wrapped up Sunday evening with a pizza and a movie. Pretty perfect weekend!


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