Mom and Dad visit Seattle

So many visitors this year! I’m a lucky gal – JB, Jeffrey, Miss Caroline, Grace, and the parents have all come to see me in the span of 6 months!

Extra lucky because my parents took me grocery shopping. Never too old for that, right?

We explored the city.

We went to parks. The weather was surprisingly great while they were here.

Of course we just hung around the neighborhood and drank beer.

It is so nice to have family in town. I really wish we lived closer, but am so happy the folks were able to see where I live and what I do. I showed them my appreciation by trying to force them to eat sushi! Dad loved it most of all.


2 thoughts on “Mom and Dad visit Seattle

  1. Hey my son is a big sushi fan and recently had me try some I tried the Abu (?)Tuna didn’t like it but my dogs did lol and shrimp ones I liked them.I also think it is great you enjoy spending time with your parents! You city looks like a fun place but sense I have lived in cities all my life I am attached to the country life now also a fun place to live!

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