Mom and Dad visit Seattle

So many visitors this year! I’m a lucky gal – JB, Jeffrey, Miss Caroline, Grace, and the parents have all come to see me in the span of 6 months!

Extra lucky because my parents took me grocery shopping. Never too old for that, right?

We explored the city.

We went to parks. The weather was surprisingly great while they were here.

Of course we just hung around the neighborhood and drank beer.

It is so nice to have family in town. I really wish we lived closer, but am so happy the folks were able to see where I live and what I do. I showed them my appreciation by trying to force them to eat sushi! Dad loved it most of all.


Jelly Bean Season

Wow, I can’t believe it is Wednesday already! This week is really flying by, and I’m ok with that, because my parents are coming to visit this weekend.

In preparation for my parents’ visit, I stocked up on good food:

Ok, I only stocked up on jellybeans. And I’ve already eaten a lot of them. Sorry, Dad.

No one ever believes me that Brach’s jellybeans are the best jellybeans ever. Everyone always goes for that Jolly Rancher, Starburst nonsense. No, no, classics are always best.

On an unrelated note – on the way to a friend’s house yesterday I finally remembered to take some pictures of these little houses in the wall surrounding a nearby house:

Lots of good little things are hiding around every corner.

Spring in Seattle

Spring in Seattle equals lots of rain. Surprise!

That’s ok. I have rainboots. The daffodils are out.

It’s ok until it turns to snow on a walk around the neighborhood.

Can you see the rainbow? It was faint, but there.

Not too much else is new. March is a month of cats.

Cat sat the Dean Machine and RatMan this week while Chanell was in Alaska. Next week will be cat-sitting for Chris’s cat while he’s in Japan. We are all cat people.

My cat is cutest.


Cats and rainy days.

Happy heart!

Grace Visits!

That’s right, my darling sis came to see me on her spring break! She was here for about 5 days and we did a lot of what Seattle has to offer.

We ate pie (multiple times):

We visited Pike Place Market and the gum wall:

We found the pot of gold at the rainbow’s end (not really):

We went to the aquarium and the zoo. The aquarium was more fun. We got to poke a sea urchin.

And ogle an octopus:

We avoided small children at the Space Needle:

And of course ate a lot of good food with good friends.

We explored many different parts of Seattle. I think I spent $50 on bus passes while she was here!

And perhaps funnest of all – I won at cards (winning not pictured):

My parents will be here in a few more weeks and I’m super excited for that – and excited for Grace to come back in the summer!