Vegetable Dinner!

Every week two friends and I receive a box filled with delicious vegetables and fruits, delivered to our work from Full Circle Farms. We divvy up the fruit and then I take home the vegetables to cook a dinner for the three of us.

This week, we got potatoes, red peppers, some weenie zucchini, mushrooms and broccoli, plus some tangerines and apples. What oh what to make?!


I fried up some onion, garlic and ginger with spices (red pepper, turmeric, cumin). Then I added the potatoes and some veggie broth, and let the potatoes cook awhile. Once the taters were almost soft, I added the peppers, broccoli, mushrooms and zucchini and cooked those up too, then stirred in a can of coconut milk at the very end.

Served over white rice!

Unanimously approved of?

Hope so, as there are a lot of leftovers!

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