Long time, little blog

Well, hello there.

It’s been awhile.

I’m not totally sure why I fell off the blog posting wagon- got busy doing different things? Stopped cooking so much? Stopped taking picture with anything but my crummy old iPhone? Had to rethink what I wanted this little blog to be – a document of what I cook? Where I run? Or just my regular old life as it happens?

I still feed this cat.

I also feed these cats, at least once a week, for our vegetable dinner. More on that to come in later posts!

Oh yes, I still go out to eat for many delightful meals too.

And dine on fine food with fine friends.

I still run a lot. 2 half marathons in 2 months! 10 more to go in 2012!

I still work in a cube, eat doughnuts, and love libraries and librarians.

This regular old life is pretty fun and funny. Let’s get back on the posting bus!



10 thoughts on “Long time, little blog

      • Most of the time I do Blog about my dogs but I also have my son’s 2 rescue cats live with me. One is very laid back and one is a little terror. But they both get together to to torment the dogs. I seen them working together and couldn’t believe it. I will be posting about both of them but seems like I have been so busy lately. I am so glad your cat makes you happy. I am sure she is happy that you picked her.

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