Yoga and Lunch

I’m finally using a Living Social deal I bought almost a year ago – hot yoga!

The class was good – but it’s a bus ride away so I’ve been putting it off.

Especially since I do things like this:

Get ready to go. Take out the trash. Walk to the bus stop. Board the bus. Begin to worry that I forgot to blow out the candle I lit that morning and will therefore burn my cat down. Get off the bus. Walk across the street. Board the next bus back to my house. Walk up the four flights of stairs to my apartment.

The candle is not lit.

So, I hopped another bus back downtown and went to calm my mind with some hot hot yoga. Clearly I needed it.

And then I need a huge salad!

Yum TOWN. I love purple cabbage. Weirdo right?

Good Saturday so far. Going to the grocery store now and then maybe a movie later.


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