What’s New

Not too much. I’m up early and drinking coffee this morning.

There are a lot of lovely dawns here. Seattle’s clouds aren’t as fluffy and lovely as the Midwest’s but they’re pretty nice. I try to spend a few minutes on the deck every morning taking in the view.

I finally bought some furniture. I’m too darn old to live out of paper bags and cardboard boxes.

I mean, let’s get serious, I’m still sitting on the mini-couch. But it’s not the floor! Improvements come slowly.

This creature is still wild. He got his head stuck in a Mason jar the other day. It was almost as cute as Maru.



Be Afraid

Very afraid!




JB visits Seattle

Dear friend came to visit last weekend! We had many an adventure, lots of good food, and plenty of fun chats. All photos courtesy of Jennifer.

We went to the market.

And obviously to the library!

We took a boat.

We wandered the neighborhoods.

We found some strangely relevant graffiti.

We went out to eat a lot.

It was  wonderful time.




Brat Cat

This cat is great.

He’s resting after a long day of helping me build Ikea furniture. He hid a lot of screws under the bed. It was a like a scavenger hunt.

It’s a tiring life, being a cat.