Sorry no posts forever. This week has been crazy busy at work, as our international team is in town and every day is packed with trainings, meetings, events and of course all our regular work too. Yikes. It’s been fun, but I’m pretty beat.

Hard to believe it’s almost the weekend again!

Last weekend was super fun town. I went to my first Seattle Sounders game! And then Chanell and I decided one sport was not enough for the day and headed to a Mariners game too.

Sounders games are super exciting! There’s a band.

And lots of chants and clapping.

The game itself was not super exciting -the score was 0-0 and I don’t really know enough about soccer to appreciate it, but we had awesome seats and the crowd was amazing.

Then this happened:

That’s not water.

So we went to a baseball game!

The Mariners beat the Red Sox which was very exciting because, um, the Mariners are not a particularly awesome team. We stood down in the beer garden for most of the game with a bunch of trash talking Red Sox fans, so it was satisfyingly antagonistic.

Hi Felix!

Sporty Saturday! Bet you didn’t know I was such a fan, hey?


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