Chanell and I went for a duck ride today.

These ducks:

Believe me, I know how awesome this is.

Hey, just because we live in Seattle doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some touristy fun.

Especially when we bring lemonade and a flask.

It was a perfect day for ducking, though sadly we picked the tour that does NOT go right by Chanell’s house. We were hoping to wave to her cats.

We certainly saw the sites of Seattle, by land and sea.

I need one of these, please.

We were the most enthusiastic participants on the tour. And that’s saying something, since half the tour was from Texas. Demure Texans.

Our guide wore hats and played Elvis music.

Another duck!

It was great fun and totally ridiculous. We rode the bus back home and passed a duck on land. The girl across from us on the bus had some very cruel things to say about Duck Riders. We decided not to try to change her mind.

Then we heated up leftovers and ate on the porch at work. Awesome evening!

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