All a Blur

Chanell’s cats are trying really hard to convince me I need a little cat friend of my own. I think I do. This weekend I’m going to visit the Seattle Humane Society.

I’ve never owned a cat, by myself, that is. We always had cats growing up, and I always liked them.

I’ve always liked friends’ cats too. The Toughster in particular.

So a cat will be a nice companion. A little thing to say “hello” to when I get home from work. A little thing to fret about and feed. I can handle a cat, I think.

I’m a little worried about the responsibility. It’s the truth. Sometimes I’m not that great at feeding myself dinner. Will a cat add extra stress? I guess cats eat the equivalent of cereal for all meals, so we’ll probably be fine. I eat a lot of cereal too.

Wish me luck.


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