Letterpress Love

Saturday afternoon we went to a wayzgoose.

Yep, a wayzgoose! The School of Visualized Concepts put on a free letterpress and printing festival and workshop.

We carved our own linoleum prints.

Artists at work.

And there was a steamroller press!

We also explored the school’s printshop -this really made me want to take a letterpress class!


Library Love

I visited the library in my new neighborhood today.

It’s a good one.

I might do some reading here come winter.

Cat Lady

I am a cat lady.

So fascinating!

I went to the Seattle Humane Society. I filled out some pink paperwork. I looked at kittens. I looked at cats. I hemmed. I hawed.

I chose this guy.


We love each other already. He’s 10 months old. His birthday is 10/10/2010.

He doesn’t have a name yet. I wanted to name a cat Radish. But this guy isn’t a Radish. He’s a man cat. He needs a man cat name.

He broke a plant last night.

He woke me up.

He used the litter box.

It’s happening. First cat.

This cat is long and lean. Slim. Pin head.

He likes to look out the window. He wants to eat the birds out there. He can’t. Sorry WildCat.

What am I going to name this thing? Cat-let? David?

I don’t want to leave the house. I just want to hang out with my new cat friend.

Total cat lady.


Sorry no posts forever. This week has been crazy busy at work, as our international team is in town and every day is packed with trainings, meetings, events and of course all our regular work too. Yikes. It’s been fun, but I’m pretty beat.

Hard to believe it’s almost the weekend again!

Last weekend was super fun town. I went to my first Seattle Sounders game! And then Chanell and I decided one sport was not enough for the day and headed to a Mariners game too.

Sounders games are super exciting! There’s a band.

And lots of chants and clapping.

The game itself was not super exciting -the score was 0-0 and I don’t really know enough about soccer to appreciate it, but we had awesome seats and the crowd was amazing.

Then this happened:

That’s not water.

So we went to a baseball game!

The Mariners beat the Red Sox which was very exciting because, um, the Mariners are not a particularly awesome team. We stood down in the beer garden for most of the game with a bunch of trash talking Red Sox fans, so it was satisfyingly antagonistic.

Hi Felix!

Sporty Saturday! Bet you didn’t know I was such a fan, hey?

Mushroom Minder

I’m caring for a neither plant nor animal this weekend.

Fungus! Or, fungus-to-be, I guess.

G bought this grow it yourself pack of edible mushrooms last weekend, but will be gone this weekend and the mushies need misting daily.

I can handle that.


I guess you just spritz the box and in a week or two you have a pile of delicious mushrooms growing out of recycled coffee grounds in the box.

Fungus among us!

Sunday Scene

I slept in late.

By late I mean 8. But I didn’t get dressed or leave the house til noon. Perfecto.

There was lots of sitting on the deck and reading.

Then I bought flowers.

And had a second cup of coffee.


Chanell and I went for a duck ride today.

These ducks:

Believe me, I know how awesome this is.

Hey, just because we live in Seattle doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some touristy fun.

Especially when we bring lemonade and a flask.

It was a perfect day for ducking, though sadly we picked the tour that does NOT go right by Chanell’s house. We were hoping to wave to her cats.

We certainly saw the sites of Seattle, by land and sea.

I need one of these, please.

We were the most enthusiastic participants on the tour. And that’s saying something, since half the tour was from Texas. Demure Texans.

Our guide wore hats and played Elvis music.

Another duck!

It was great fun and totally ridiculous. We rode the bus back home and passed a duck on land. The girl across from us on the bus had some very cruel things to say about Duck Riders. We decided not to try to change her mind.

Then we heated up leftovers and ate on the porch at work. Awesome evening!