Say Yes! to Michigan!

I always say yes to Michigan.

‘Tis my home, after all.

I spent an absolutely lovely not-quite-a-week in the UP last week. There was family, and friends, there were lakes, a golf scramble, an island, some bikes, a 10k to win and decks to sit on.

Pretty much totally perfecto.

Aunts Nita and Nancy make shish kebobs. Grandma looks on.

FYI, shish kebabs are a good meal when you have to feed 15 people, one of whom is a whiny vegetarian.

Kebabs! Those aren’t the vegetarian ones.

Neither are those. Meat hands for the vegetarian! I ain’t scared.

That was the first night.

The following day, fueled by Bud Light and peppers and onions, I ran a 10k in downtown St. Ignace.

There was a mile run, a 5k and a 10k. My cousin Troy, in the navy blue, did the 5k. He’s brave. He decided to run the night before, at midnight, at the bar. Who says alcohol and exercise don’t mix?

The race started at Little Bear East, hockey rink, gym, wedding hall. Then we ran through town. Twice, for the 10k-ers.

Troy passed that kid.

I did not pass that little kid in front of me. Though I tried really hard. Whatever, he was only running a 5k. Slacker.

I had a large cheering section. The other runners were jealous.

Second trip through town!

Almost there! Kind of. Town certainly seems bigger on foot.

Anyway, I came in second for women. Huzzah! There were about 15 girls, I think. Still. Time was 52:14, I think. Not bad for a red-eye flying, beer drinking runner.

After I finished and took a shower, it was time for MACKINAC ISLAND! One of the Top Ten Islands in the World! says Conde Nast. And they’d know.

I worked on Mackinac Island for 4 years in high school, selling shoes, what else. It’s a special place.

Waiting for the boat. Don’t ask what’s wrong with my face. At least my sister looks cute.

Katie looks cute too!

So does Grandma!

We rode bikes, went to the Grand Hotel for a drink, went to Sinclair’s for a drink and went to the Pink Pony for a drink. Pretty complete day on Mackinac Island. Oh, and my sister bought boat shoes at Decked Out, our previous place of employment. Totally complete day on Mackinac Island.

Family golf scramble!

Marina pub with Steve and Peter! 2nd day in a row!

Mystery Spot. Apparently I’m either stunned by the mystery or outraged at the price of this sweatshirt.

Soooo mysterious! Water running up hills! Chairs on the side of the wall! What is happening!

After Peter and I survived the Mystery Spot’s new zipline, we had to take them to the Pellston airport. They were sad to go.

Then I FINALLY bought an iPhone, went for walks, stuffed envelopes with Jeffrey and had a late night rendezvous with Kathleen.

It was a perfect trip.

I’m back in Seattle now, missing my home state and my family.

See you in October, Great Lakes State!







7 thoughts on “Say Yes! to Michigan!

  1. lovely trip home! you certainly packed everything in. geesh. and a zip line at the spot? did i know this? amazing. will write soon!

  2. You’re the cutest one in the family. Although Katie is quite fetching and Grace is pretty cute too. Oh yeah, Erin’s a babe and Nan and Nita don’t look too bad for 40, and your Mom is pretty too. I guess all you women take after Gma, you’re beautiful!

  3. Please forgive me for asking since you don’t know me, but is that Peter Risafi in your pictures? I don’t really know how I found your blog…I think it was the baking bread thing (which looked amazing, BTW), but began browsing through your pics, which is only slightly less nosy than scoping out the drawers in your bathroom. At any rate…I saw a picture in which you referred to “Peter” and I literally gasped when I saw it, because it looks like a man named Peter Risafi with whom I went to college (SUNY Fredonia) some 30+ years ago.

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