Mariners Game

It’s the first really beautiful weekend in Seattle.

How better to soak up the sun than go to a baseball game?

Now, I’m not really a sports fan. But baseball games are so delightful -beer + sun + idly watching + kids + old people + french fries + hot dogs = true love.

Garlic fries.

Cool cat.

The Mariners lost, and it was actually a pretty boring game – they didn’t have any runs until the 8th inning (see, I know about sports -I know what an inning is). But it didn’t matter at all -we were super content to drink watery beer and bake in the sun.

Another great day today -so we’re headed out to kayak!


4 thoughts on “Mariners Game

  1. Wait a minute!! Did you say eat hot dogs??? We’re going to the Giants game tomorrow to eat our way through the ballpark. Games in SF include neither sunshine or warmth (especially a night game!)


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