Well well well – it has certainly been a long time since I posted, hasn’t it.

No excuses, other than a trip home to see my little sister graduate from high school.

It was a wonderful weekend trip -it really means a lot to see the family when you live about as far away as you can and still be in the same country.

Pretty graduate. She got the most cheers when her name got called. She kind of wins at everything, including graduation.

We are tan. Grace is tannest. Total winner again!

Sometimes I take my glasses off and stare unfocused into the camera. It is a great look!



Diploma and calla lily in hand! All done! The graduation ceremony was very nice, the student speakers were insightful and inspiring and it was hotter than heck in the gym. I don’t really remember my own graduation from this same highschool (ahem, 9 years ago, oh my Lord), but I think this one was better.

Graduation pictures in the cafeteria!



Jeffrey was there too. We haven’t aged a day since our own graduations, right?

Don’t look too closely.

And then of course there were lots of graduation parties, meeting up with old friends, seeing teachers in bars, casinos and for brunch, and a baby shower for a friend from high school.


6 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Lisa, thanks for sharing the pictures and I can’t wait until July when I will see EVERYTHING I missed at the actual graduation.

    You are both beautiful girls, both inside and out. You make me so proud.

  2. I can’t seem to get this comment right this morning……again, thanks for posting the pictures, you both are so beautiful, inside and out. You make grandma feel so proud.

    Can’t wait for July when we can celebrate again with the whole family.

    Grandma Wheeler

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