Seattle’s Best 15K

A very fun morning run!

This race was very convenient, only a few miles from my house. I just drove over at 6 am (the race started at 7), looked for a coffee shop to no avail and then lined up to run.

We’ve had beautiful weather in Seattle this past week and of course today it rains. At least it wasn’t freezing.

Everyone lining up at the start.

This 15K started and ended at Gas Works Park and basically ran around Lake Union. It was a super flat course, not super beautiful, but nice enough. The race was also really well organized, started on time, and was well marked. As I run more races, I appreciate this more and more. Unfortunately, there were hardly any spectators, but those who were out there were much appreciated!

I of course started out too fast, which is a bummer because then later in the race people passed me and I felt slightly defeated. But overall it was a really fun run, despite the rainy weather. I mean, I’m pretty used to it by now.

I finished in 1:18:32, 8:26 pace. Yay! Official results haven’t been posted online, but when I checked after the race I’d come in 4th in my age group and 23rd female overall. Not too bad. It’s not like I run to win or anything because that’s just crazy talk, but it is always nice to see paces improve.

There was tons of good food at the end of the race -peanut butter jelly sandwich quarters, mini Larabars, and delicious all natural fruit roll up type things. I love fruit roll ups.

Race finishes are so fun. It’s so fun to be surrounded by happy, exuberant, tired people. No matter what, everyone has accomplished something exciting after a race, and you can really feel that energy!

I headed home, talked to the folks, and took a shower. Now we’re headed to Target. Weekend favorites!


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