We took a mini vacation this weekend to lovely Port Townsend for some whale watching!

I left work a few hours early and we headed over -we had to take a car ferry to get there, very exciting.

Port Townsend was cu-ute, very touristy, very pretty. We stayed in the Swan Hotel, which kind of looks like it could be the setting for a murder mystery movie:

Or maybe I only think that because we spent every night last week watching episodes of Twin Peaks on Netflix…

Anyway, our hotel was cute and comfy. We went out to eat on Friday night and had a delicious and enormous meal and then collapsed into bed so as to be sure to rise and shine and put on our best whale spotting glasses.

Off we went!

It was windy!

It’s amazing I saw any marine wildlife, considering my darn eyes are always shut.

Apparently  a “bait ball” of fish drew all these birds. And some Minke whales too!

Heading to the bait ball buffet.

After spying on the Minke whales and the feeding birds for a while, we headed to Friday Harbor.

OMG eyes.

This guy caught something big!

Friday Harbor was super cute. We ate at a very delicious Middle Eastern restaurant with a stellar view.

After two hours on land, it was time to hop back on the boat!

Not this boat, unfortunately.

Big fat sea lions.

A fin!


Panda of the sea?

Tail splash!

It was very exciting! We saw so many whales and really enjoyed being out on the water. After our day long cruise, we hopped back in the car and headed home.

A very fun weekend!


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