Broccoli, Tofu & Quinoa Mix

3 of my favorite ingredients -broccoli, tofu and quinoa. Plus spice and salt. Salt is totally a favorite ingredient, and can you blame me?

What you need:

  • 2 heads broccoli
  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 1 package firm tofu
  • sriracha
  • soy sauce
  • tahini
  • honey
  • sesame seeds
  • tiny bit of olive oil

Mix a dab o this and dash o that: sriracha, soy sauce, tahini, and sesame seeds together in a medium bowl.

Chop up your broccolis and tofus how ever you see fit. Toss with sriracha sauce. Bake for 30 minutes at 400 degrees.

Meanwhile, cook quinoa. I really love that quinoa cooks so fast.

Toss together, adding a little olive oil if the quinoa is kind of sticky.


Quick post and dark picture, sorry. Somehow all my daylight hours get filled up!


Seattle’s Best 15K

A very fun morning run!

This race was very convenient, only a few miles from my house. I just drove over at 6 am (the race started at 7), looked for a coffee shop to no avail and then lined up to run.

We’ve had beautiful weather in Seattle this past week and of course today it rains. At least it wasn’t freezing.

Everyone lining up at the start.

This 15K started and ended at Gas Works Park and basically ran around Lake Union. It was a super flat course, not super beautiful, but nice enough. The race was also really well organized, started on time, and was well marked. As I run more races, I appreciate this more and more. Unfortunately, there were hardly any spectators, but those who were out there were much appreciated!

I of course started out too fast, which is a bummer because then later in the race people passed me and I felt slightly defeated. But overall it was a really fun run, despite the rainy weather. I mean, I’m pretty used to it by now.

I finished in 1:18:32, 8:26 pace. Yay! Official results haven’t been posted online, but when I checked after the race I’d come in 4th in my age group and 23rd female overall. Not too bad. It’s not like I run to win or anything because that’s just crazy talk, but it is always nice to see paces improve.

There was tons of good food at the end of the race -peanut butter jelly sandwich quarters, mini Larabars, and delicious all natural fruit roll up type things. I love fruit roll ups.

Race finishes are so fun. It’s so fun to be surrounded by happy, exuberant, tired people. No matter what, everyone has accomplished something exciting after a race, and you can really feel that energy!

I headed home, talked to the folks, and took a shower. Now we’re headed to Target. Weekend favorites!

Please Come to the Office

I got flowers at work yesterday.

It was pretty exciting. I finally had the triumphant feeling all those girls in high school who had their name called over the PA to come pick up their Valentines flowers in the office.

I mean, they didn’t call my name over a PA.

Darn it.

I still felt pretty special.


We took a mini vacation this weekend to lovely Port Townsend for some whale watching!

I left work a few hours early and we headed over -we had to take a car ferry to get there, very exciting.

Port Townsend was cu-ute, very touristy, very pretty. We stayed in the Swan Hotel, which kind of looks like it could be the setting for a murder mystery movie:

Or maybe I only think that because we spent every night last week watching episodes of Twin Peaks on Netflix…

Anyway, our hotel was cute and comfy. We went out to eat on Friday night and had a delicious and enormous meal and then collapsed into bed so as to be sure to rise and shine and put on our best whale spotting glasses.

Off we went!

It was windy!

It’s amazing I saw any marine wildlife, considering my darn eyes are always shut.

Apparently  a “bait ball” of fish drew all these birds. And some Minke whales too!

Heading to the bait ball buffet.

After spying on the Minke whales and the feeding birds for a while, we headed to Friday Harbor.

OMG eyes.

This guy caught something big!

Friday Harbor was super cute. We ate at a very delicious Middle Eastern restaurant with a stellar view.

After two hours on land, it was time to hop back on the boat!

Not this boat, unfortunately.

Big fat sea lions.

A fin!


Panda of the sea?

Tail splash!

It was very exciting! We saw so many whales and really enjoyed being out on the water. After our day long cruise, we hopped back in the car and headed home.

A very fun weekend!

It’s a Beautiful Day

Sun shining, breeze blowing.

And I’m mad because it is finally (FINALLY) warm enough to wear skirts without tights and herald in spring in cute light clothing…

But I have a stupid giant skinned knee complete with huge purple bruise  and I don’t want to show the world my ugly banged up leg. So – pants. Or tights.

Skinned knee is the result of a fall while running last weekend. Walked home with blood dripping down my leg and got more than a few freaked out looks until a nice couple offered to give me a ride home.

Joys of running!

Tofu Wrap

Sometimes I just want to eat an entire block of tofu. Plain.

Is that kind of gross?

I think it is a protein thing. I need to get some protein powder for my smoothies.

But that makes me feel like a weightlifter.

Tofu wrap time! Marinated, baked tofu with delicious grilled peppers and onions rolled up in a hot tortilla.


  • Sriracha
  • Soy sauce
  • Tahini
  • Honey
  • Pepper
Glob of this, dab of that, whisk with a fork and soak your tofu. Then bake it for 30ish minutes. In the meantime, cook onions and peppers over medium heat until soft and brown in spots.
Wrap it up in the tortilla, shove it in your face, and pull out your 8 lb weights.
Do it!